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Q: What are the different types of workers' compensation benefits in Pennsylvania?


When people think of workers' compensation, they tend to just put it all under one big umbrella and think it's one type of payment. The law actually provides a few different types of workers' compensation benefits for employees that have been injured or killed on the job. If someone was hurt or killed because they purposely did it to themselves, or because they were violating the law, the person is not eligible for workers' compensation. 

The types of benefits available are:

  • Payment for lost wages. If it's determined that you are totally disabled and unable to work, or partially disabled and receiving wages less than your pre-injury earnings, wage loss benefits may be an option for you. 
  • Death benefits. If an employee was killed because of something related to their job, their surviving dependents may be able to receive death benefits. 
  • Specific loss benefits. If there is a certain part of your body that you've permanently loss use of, you could receive benefits—this includes all or part of your thumb, finger, hand, arm, leg, foot, toe, sight, or hearing. You could also receive specific loss benefits if you have a serious and/or permanent disfigurement on your head, face, or neck. 
  • Medical care. If covered, injured or ill workers can receive payment of related reasonable surgical and medical services rendered by a physician or other health care provider. This includes medicine, supplies, hospital treatment and services, orthopedic appliances, and prosthesis. 

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