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Q: I'm out of work and collecting workers' compensation benefits. I received paperwork from my company asking me to apply for FMLA? What are they trying to do? Can I collect both?


You can be on both FMLA and workers' compensation because the two systems are very different.  FMLA, or Family Medical Leave Act, provides no payment for the time you miss from work.  FMLA simply holds your job while you are out on leave.  This means that your employer will not terminate you while you are missing work.  If your employer provides FMLA, it's probably a good idea to apply but if you have any questions about how it works you should reach out to an attorney immediately.  

Workers' compensation benefits provided you with pay for lost wages while you are missing work but workers' compensation benefits do not ensure that your employer will not terminate you or fill your position while you are injured an missing work.  Be advised that an employer terminating your employment while you are out of work collecting workers' compensation is not necessarily a bad thing in relation to your workers' compensation case.  An experienced Harrisburg Workers' Compensation Attorney will be able to explain all the steps in both the workers' compensation process and FMLA.