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New technology to make your home and car safer and prevent a Pennsylvania injury or accident!

Posted Scott B. Cooper on Oct 14, 2014 in Car Accidents

Everyone loves new gadgets.  More and more advances are made constantly as we update.  These are some of the new technology trends to make your car and home safer. 

New technology that improves car safety:

  • Forward collision warnings – this will detects other vehicle and objects ahead of you.  If you are too close, or approaching too fast, the sensor warns you of a possible collision. 
  • Blind spot warnings – they will detect when another vehicle is in your blind spot and provide warnings for safety. 
  • Lane departure warnings – they alert you of an unintentional lane shift by tracking your car’s position in relation to the lane markings. 

New technology that improves home safety:

  • Moisture sensors – these sensors serve as early alert systems for potential flooding, which reduce the risk of flooding or water damage.
  • Door sensors – if a door, cabinet, window or gate is left open, the sensor will trigger and alert you.
  • Smart smoke detectors – these new age detectors act as heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide detectors all in one. 

Many of these sensors and detectors can be purchased relatively easily and installed.  They are general not overly expensive. 

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