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Why Car Insurance Companies Want Access to Your Medical Records

Car insurance companies ask accident victims many questions. One common request they make is for the victim’s medical records. Below, learn more about why insurance companies want this information and what to do if you are asked for records after a car… Read More

How an Attorney May Try to Build a Distracted Driving Case

We have all heard about the epidemic of distracted driving and how it is leading to injuries and deaths. If you were a victim of this type of crash, you may be able to pursue compensation. The problem is it can be very complicated to build a case against… Read More

Do You Work One of The 10 Jobs on This List of Jobs with the Worst Drivers?

People who have certain kinds of jobs, such as ticket salespeople, fitness club managers and production crew members, are more likely to have had traffic tickets or been in car accidents, according to a new Insurify Insights study of 1.6 million car insurance… Read More

Auto Insurance Loophole Leaves Innocent Drivers Paying for Damages

Due to an auto insurance loophole, a completely innocent driver may be liable for damages caused by the at-fault driver after an accident. This was the case for a York County woman who was involved in an accident with a DoorDash delivery driver in April… Read More

When Are Drivers Required to Report Car Accidents in Pennsylvania?

In the state of Pennsylvania, not all car accidents must be reported at the time of the collision. Even so, there are legal requirements for accident reporting, and filing an accident report is to your benefit. Learn when to file an accident report after… Read More

Pennsylvania's Seat Belt Laws: What You Need to Know

Wearing your seat belt is one of the best ways to keep you protected from harm in case of a car accident. Despite this well-known fact, many drivers and passengers fail to use their seat belt, which can result in serious injury or death. Additionally,… Read More

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase by 41 Percent in Pennsylvania

Walking is the oldest and most common form of transportation with countless benefits, helping people stay healthier and physically fit, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Tragically, the number of pedestrian fatalities continues to rise in the U.S.… Read More

Self-Driving Car Crashes Raising Safety and Liability Concerns

Self-driving cars may be considered the future of technology in the automotive industry, but are they actually making our roads more dangerous?   Companies such as Uber, Tesla and now Google have each developed autonomous vehicles, a technological advancement… Read More

Fatal Crash on Interstate 83 in York County, Coroner Responds to Scene

A fatal crash in the northbound lanes of I-83 – between Exit 33: Yocumtown and Exit 34: Valley Green - has closed all lanes of traffic in the area. The accident happened a little after nine a.m. Thursday morning. Reports indicate the York County Coroner… Read More

Safety Tips for Driving After Dark

Driving at night can greatly impact your ability to drive safely. A person’s vision can become severely limited at night. Motorists may be temporarily blinded by the glare from another driver’s headlights. The ability to judge distances and depth perception… Read More