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Harrisburg Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

The personal injury lawyers at Schmidt Kramer have been providing clients with professional, personalized, and ethical representation for more than 30 years throughout Pennsylvania.

We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

auto accident lawsuits

If you were injured in a Pennsylvania car, truck, or motorcycle accident, and the at-fault party’s auto insurance company won’t stop calling you, has offered you money to settle the claim, or is asking you to sign medical authorizations so it can obtain your medical records and bills, these are all warning signs that you need an experienced Harrisburg car accident lawyer.

Whatever you do, do not sign or agree to anything without first consulting with an attorney. You could be forfeiting your rights to compensation needed for your current and future medical bills.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

medical malpractice injury claims

You feel that something went wrong with your medical procedure, but your doctor is avoiding you and not listening to your concerns. If your doctor or hospital did in fact make a mistake, you only have so much time in the state of Pennsylvania to file a claim before you are barred from doing so forever.

Give yourself the advantage by talking to a lawyer experienced in medical malpractice claims about what could have happened and what your options are. It could save your claim, but more importantly, it could save your health after being injured as a result of medical malpractice.

Workers' Compensation Lawyers

injured worker lawsuits

You were injured on the job, but are afraid that if you report it, you will be fired. You are entitled to Pennsylvania workers' compensation benefits.

Under Pennsylvania law, it is illegal for your employer to let you go just because you were injured.

Having an attorney working for your rights and not your employer’s will help you keep your job and get you the medical treatment you are entitled to.

Social Security Disability Lawyers

ssd benefit claim assistance

We also help those who are seeking the assistance of Pennsylvania Social Security Disability claims.

If Social Security Disability denied your request for benefits, despite the fact that you have a legitimate disability, our lawyers know the ins and outs of SSD in Pennsylvania and can help you with your application or appeal as well as obtain the necessary documents needed to prove your disability.

Accidents on Someone Else’s Property

premises liability lawyers

The property owner where you were injured is claiming that the accident is not his responsibility.

Just because he claims it was not his job to prevent the accident, does not always mean he is correct. There are specific laws that protect both those living on or visiting the property and the property owner.

An experienced premises liability attorney will be able to give you the differences and apply them to your specific situation.

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charles schmidt personal injury attorney

The personal injury lawyers Schmidt Kramer encourage anyone who has suffered an injury in Harrisburg, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, to contact us at (888) 476-0807 to schedule your free case evaluation. During your free consultation, an experienced attorney will meet with you, help you analyze your situation and provide you with a list of options to help you recover your health and financial well-being.

We handle all types of personal injury cases throughout Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Hershey, Carlisle, Chambersburg, York, Lebanon, Shamokin and Sunbury.


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