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Pennsylvania State House Ready To Vote On Unconstitutional Corporate Venue Law

Posted On Behalf of Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers on May 16, 2012 in General

Contact Your Pennsylvania State House Representative Immediately!

Ask He or She to “Vote NO on House Bill 1976– The Corporation Venue Protection Act”

February 9, 2012 — The Pennsylvania state house may soon vote on what will be known as the the Corporation Venue Protection Act, HB 1976, which gives corporations special rights and protections in all civil cases.  The bill’s supporters spin there argument and call it a “venue shopping” bill, but the bill is really designed to protect corporations that are responsible for injuring or killing people through reckless, intentional or reckless conduct because it applies only to venue in “actions against corporations and similar entities.”

If passed, this bill will usurp the Supreme Court’s exclusive rulemaking power on venue and all but abolish the ‘minimum contacts’ jurisdiction test.   Emboldened by their win on joint and several liability, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry admits it wants to “continue the momentum.”   The Chamber is actively pushing HB 1976.  

For the sake of the preserving your rights and the rights of a loved one who may be injured or killed by such conduct, it is time to push back now.

Contact your state representative to vote “no” on the HB 1976. HB 1976 is unconstitutional, departs radically from longstanding legal doctrine, and unfairly singles out corporations for protection against accountability for harms they cause to Pennsylvania families.

If this legislation becomes law it will have a dramatic impact on those injured or killed as a result of corporate misconduct  in a car wreck or accident, impacted by a defective product, or any other personal injury claim (excluding medical malpractice) in not only Harrisburg, Central Pennsylvania but the entire Commonwealth.


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