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Fire Marshals Determine The Cause Of Pennsylvania House Fire

Posted On Behalf of Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers on May 15, 2012 in Fire & Burn Injury

Investigators have determined the cause of a house fire that killed a homeowner Sunday morning.  WHTM 27 News reported earlier today that a cracked vent pipe in a wood stove is to blame for the deadly blaze.
Pennsylvania State Fire Marshall Jeff Sarver announced the investigation results after spending time examining the case himself. He stated that a crack in the vent pipe allowed smoke and gas from the fire burning inside the stove to spill into the kitchen. When the homeowner opened the back door of the kitchen to clear the smoke out of the room, the rush of oxygen in the room caused a burst of flames from the pipe, which set the house ablaze. Other factors including metal siding and Styrofoam insulation caused the fire to burn hotter and faster. Firefighters say that you can prevent accidents like these from happening if you have stoves and fireplaces examined and cleaned by a professional every year before building your first fire. The fire and burn injury attorneys with Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers also advise having smoke detectors installed throughout your house. Experts say that a unit should be placed within ten feet of every bedroom door throughout the home.