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DUI Arrests and Fatalities More Prevalent in Rural Areas of Pennsylvania

Posted On Behalf of Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers on May 14, 2012 in General

A new report from The Center for Rural Pennsylvania has analyzed DUI data statewide to determine which PA counties have the highest number of DUI arrests, among other figures.
The Pennsylvania counties with the most arrests per capita are Wyoming, Clinton, Centre, Green, Franklin, Monroe,  York, and Cumberland,  according to The Patriot-News.
The study also found that there were more arrests per capita in rural Pennsylvania than urban Pennsylvania. When analyzing data from the Pennsylvania State Police, The Center found, too, that rural PA suffered more alcohol-related fatalities than urban PA. In 2010, there were 15,874 DUI arrests in rural counties, or 458 arrests for every 100,000 residents. In urban counties, there were 36,444 DUI arrests, or 395 for every 100,000 residents. From 2005 to 2010, that number increased by 20 percent in rural counties and 13 percent in urban counties. Other details: 78 percent of PA DUI offenders were males, with adults making up 99 percent of all arrests. Pennsylvania has the 26 th highest DUI arrest rate in the nation; Wyoming and Idaho have the highest, and Illinois and Delaware have the lowest.
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