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Changes To Trucking Laws Could Put Larger And Heavier Trucks On The Highway

Posted On Behalf of Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers on May 15, 2012 in Truck Accidents

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted yesterday on a piece of legislature that could potentially undo safety decades-old regulations on the trucking industry. A press release from  Global Logistics Media says that the transportation bill in question could allow for heavier and larger trucks on highways across the United States, putting motorists at an even greater risk of death or injury if involved in an accident with one of these tractor-trailers.
Statistics show that even though tractor-trailers only make up three percent of the total number of registered vehicles on the road, they represent 11 percent of all motor vehicle crashes. Truck crashes accounted for 3,675 lives lost last year alone on America’s highways. Of these fatalities, 97 percent were motorists who were involved in a tractor-trailer collision. Major changes that would come under the legislation include:
  • Eliminate all restrictions on commercial vehicles within the 23 states that currently allow them only on select routes.
  • Force every state to allow longer double and single-trailer trucks on the entire 200,000-mile national highway network.
  • Allow 97,000 pound, six-axle singles on Interstates as a “state option.”
  • Allow 126,000 pound trucks on 25-mile interstate segments by permit.
  • Force every state to allow 88,000 pound auto-haulers.
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